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Helping to preserve Suffolk’s archival heritage

Registered Charity No. 288042
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In the past, we have issued a printed newsletter to members. This gave details of our recent purchases and the latest news on the Suffolk Archives, as well as information on forthcoming events.The last newsletter can be read in full by clicking on the large image below. Earlier newsletters can be accessed by clicking on the relevant smaller image.

We presently communicate with members predominantly by email or via MailChimp mailings.

FOSRO Newsletter July 2016_final.pdf

July 2016

FOSRO_Newsletter Feb16.pdf

February 2016


Autumn 2014

2013-07-25 FOSRO Aug newsletter_0.pdf

August 2013

FOSRO April 2013 newsletter.pdf

April 2013

2012-02-28 FOSRO March newsletter v3.pdf

March 2012

2011-07-27 FOSRO September newsletter v1.pdf

September 2011

2011-02-27 FOSRO newsletter.pdf

March 2011

2010 Aug FOSRO newsletter v4.pdf

September 2010

FOSRO 2012 August newsletter.pdf

August 2012

2010 April FOSRO newsletter.pdf

April 2010

FOSRO Newsletter March 2017 Final.pdf

March 2017

FOSRO Newsletter September 2017.pdf FOSRO Newsletter September 2009.pdf

September 2009

FOSRO Newsletter March 2009.pdf

March 2009

FOSRO Newsletter September 2008.pdf

September 2008

FOSRO Newsletter March 2008.pdf

March 2008

FOSRO Newsletter September 2007.pdf

September 2007

FOSRO Newsletter September 2006.pdf

September 2006

FOSRO Newsletter February 2006.pdf

February 2006

September 2017

FOSRO Newsletter April 2018.pdf

April 2018

FOSRO Newsletter April 2019.pdf